The famous Goraksha or Ratnanath or Chaughara temple is located at a place called Chaughara in Ghorahi sub-metropolis of Dang district. The monastery is believed to have been built by Ratnanath, a disciple of Lord Gorkhanath. After the settlement of Dang, Manijya became the king. His son Ratnaparikshak also became king. Raja Ratna Parikshak had a vision of Gorakhnath while he was out hunting.

It was after Gorakhnath’s philosophy that he became Siddha. He later became Siddharatnath. This monastery was built in the memory of Siddharatnath. Although it was established in 809 BCE in a book called Siddha Ratnanath, the temple is still being researched. This peak style monastery is 60 feet high and about 258 x 25 feet square. In this monastery, there are four stone lion statues in four corners. The gate of this temple is made of gold.


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